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Optimal sealing of package

Tegeno specialises in making parts for horizontal and vertical packing machines that create and seal packaging. We supply OEM parts to machine manufacturers and specialized products to end-users. Our engineering department develops these customised parts.

The sealing jaws play an important role in the packing process. Air leaks can arise during the sealing process and the foil may get cut or stuck. By using our top quality materials and high-precision processes, you are guaranteed the best possible sealing for your packaging, so the contents will remain fresh.

We can manufacture sealing jaws in accordance with your wishes, taking into account the type of product, weight, production speed and the foil that is used. Based on this information, we select the profile which is most suitable for your application. We developed these profiles ourselves, being based on our many years of experience with a wide range of packing machines. Our sealing jaws and sealing rolls are customised products that will be perfectly aligned with your production processes.

If you would like to know more about the best possible sealing for your packaging, please call +48 41 278 72 70 or send us an e-mail.

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