Industrial blades

Top quality cutting parts for any production process

We design, manufacture and grind industrial blades which are used in a wide range of industries. Our cutting parts are made from various composite materials that we have developed, each of which has different properties. Based on your specific application, we can select the most suitable material. That way, we can always provide the best solution for your production processes and guarantee the maximum service life of our cutting parts.

USP Polska specialises in making cutting parts and contoured equipment for the packing industry. We develop contoured equipment that cuts and seals foil in any shape that is requested.

Our parts are used in both horizontal and vertical packing machines in order to perforate packaging or cut straight or zigzag lines. We create customised modules for all types of form and sealing machines. In addition to the cutting shape, we can also add a euroslot or tearing perforation to the packaging.

If you would like to know more about the various options for our cutting parts and contoured equipment, please call +48 41 278 72 70 or send us an e-mail.

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